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Crete Research and Development Company "A.M.E.K. S.A." was established on 1991 in Chania - Crete - Greece. Its objective is to provide specialized consultation, services and products for Businesses and Bodies of the Private and Public sector.

The share capital of the company is 58.694,06 €.

During a decade of continuous presence the company has developed significant know-how and it provides products and services of high specialization to Businesses and Bodies of the Private and Public sector.

"A.M.E.K. S.A." is registered as a Consultant in:

  • Directorate General VI : Agriculture
  • Directorate General XII : Science, Research & Development (J.R.C.)
  • Directorate General XVI : Regional Policies
  • Directorate General XXIII: Enterprise Policy, Tourism and "Economie Sociale"

"A.M.E.K. S.A." is also registered in the Consultants Records of the Hellenic Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises (EOMMEX) in the following areas of specialization:

3. Development and Support of the development interventions materialization

3.1. Project management
3.2. Program management
3.4. Program evaluation
3.6. Studies of Regional Development


1. Studies and Programs of Local - Regional - European Development

  • Local Development Programs
  • Business Plan Initiatives
  • Special Programs and Plans of Agricultural and Tourist Development
  • Programs - Plans of Intra EEC Cooperation
  • Organization of services of the Local Administration Bodies
  • Strategic Development of the Local Administration Bodies

2. Business Development and Enterprise Resource Planning (BRP)

  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Submission of Proposals for funding Enterprise Investments through National Laws and Regulations and European Programs
  • Project management and monitoring of their materialization process
  • Investment evaluation
  • Development and evaluation of ERP systems
  • Enterprise Re-organization Studies (Logistics)
  • Check-up studies
  • Strategic management studies
  • Financial analysis
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • Evaluation of working positions and payment systems
  • Business plans for the entrance of companies in the Stock exchange

3. Quality Management Systems

  • Development and installation of Quality Management Systems according to the ISO 9000 standards (revised edition ISO 9001:2000)
  • Development and installation of Programs for the Health and Safety of food & beverages (HACCP)
  • Development and installation of Total Quality Management Systems (TQM)
  • Application of Quality Tools
  • Installation of Quality Support Systems through computers (Computer Aided Quality - CAQ)
  • Development and installation of Quality Cost Measurement Systems
  • Development and installation of Environmental Management Systems according to ISO 14000 standard and EMAS
  • Development and installation of Work Health and Safety Systems according to the BS 8800 and OHSAS 18000 standards
  • Development and installation of Systems for the Safety of Information according to the BS 7799 standard
  • Development and installation of a uniform management system that includes all the above that are necessary depending on the needs of every enterprise / organization

4. Production management and Work organization

  • Development of production methods and time-schedules
  • Programming and monitoring production processes
  • Estimating production and product / services costs
  • Organizing industrial and warehouse spaces - analysis of material flow
  • Inventory management
  • Productivity analysis and measurement
  • Estimating accident hazards in the industry
  • Application of Work Safety Regulations
  • Safety Technician services
  • Safety labels and signs
  • Conformity with the Seveso Directive 96/82/EC for large scale industrial accidents - Submission of Proposal for funding the necessary interventions from the Ministry of Development

5. Education and Supporting Businesses with Specialized Personnel

Indicative subjects:

  • Total Quality Management and Quality Management Systems
  • Organizing and managing warehouses and inventories
  • Designing - performing - monitoring Business Plans
  • Systems for food & beverages health and safety (HACCP)
  • Safety Management Systems
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